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Model: Revitalize™ Spa Duo Waterfall Showerhead & 7 Function Handheld Sprayer
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Revitalize™ Spa Duo Waterfall Showerhead & 7 Function Handheld Sprayer Our Waterfall Showerhead large 8 inch drenching showerhead allows you to feel as if you are standing under a waterfall. Features 91 spray holes that create a down pour effect for a calm, soothing shower that leaves you feeling invigorated and squeaky clean. It is a 7 Function Handheld Sprayer. Select the spray pattern of your choice ranging from a soft, subtle spray to a high pressure, massaging shower experience. Features 7 different spray functions which can be selected simply by turning the dial.

Thank you for purchasing the Revitalize™ Spa Duo Waterfall Showerhead & 7 Function Handheld Sprayer. This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If this product should become defective within 1 year from the date of purchase, or if you have any questions or comments or regarding replacements for any of our products, please contact us directly at our contact page

Parts Included:

  • Waterfall Showerhead With 91 Spray Holes

  • Extension Arm

  • Handheld Sprayer Base

  • Comfortable Diverter

  • 7 Function Handheld Sprayer

  • Hose

  • Flow Restrictor (For Optional Use)

  • O-Ring

  • Teflon Sealing Tape

THIS UNIT COMES WITH A ONE YEAR WARRANTY SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: In the first year, all repairs will be performed free of charge or the unit will be replaced. This warranty is not transferable, it is valid only for the original purchaser. This warranty will be voided if the unit is subjected to unauthorized repair or impact damage.