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Model: The Air Innovations® 16” Tower Ionizer
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The Air Innovations® 16” Tower Ionizer will help rid your home of dust & pollutants in the air using ionic technology and safe levels of ozone to help reduce odors. This unit is perfect for use in the home/office. Features a wide wing design for maximum coverage and has 2 settings; Low for every day usage and High for problem areas.

How it works?

  • Lingering odors will slowly disappear - pet odors, cooking odors, smoke odors and other stale odors will slowly be neutralized so that in a day or so your room will smell outdoor fresh and the air will feel lighter and cleaner.

  • Wait approximately 2–3 weeks and wipe down the collection blade with a clean damp cloth. Depending on your air quality before you installed this product, the cloth should be slightly dirty to filthy dirty. NOTE: The collection blade is made of stainless steel and may be similar in color to dust particles and other airborne pollutants and allergens. Hence, wiping the blade with a clean damp white cloth and inspecting the cloth may be the only way you can tell it is dirty.

  • UNPLUG the Ionizer before removing the stainless steel collection blade.

  • DO NOT use the Ionizer outdoors or near water.

  • KEEP the ionizer away from water.

  • DO NOT attempt to dismantle the Ionizer.