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Model: 3-D Swivel Design Copper Finish Garden Sprinkler
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3-D Swivel Design Copper Finish Garden Sprinkler Enhance the appearance of your lawn and garden with the 3-D Swivel Design Copper Finish Garden Sprinkler. When connected to a garden hose, the sprinkler gracefully rotates like a beautiful water ballet. The center of the sprinkler features an eye catching swivel design and when the sprinkler is not in use it provides an elegant lawn or garden accent. This sprinkler is perfect to use on your lawn or in your garden.

Thank you for purchasing the 3-D Swivel Design Copper Finish Garden Sprinkler. This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If this product should become defective within 1 year from the date of purchase, or if you have any questions or comments or regarding replacements for any of our products, please contact us directly at our contact page

Parts Included:

  • Beautiful copper finish

  • Gracefully rotates

  • Eye catching design

  • Simple to install

THIS UNIT COMES WITH A ONE YEAR WARRANTY SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: In the first year, all repairs will be performed free of charge or the unit will be replaced. This warranty is not transferable, it is valid only for the original purchaser. This warranty will be voided if the unit is subjected to unauthorized repair or impact damage.