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Model: Ionic Air Cleaner With Plug Bypass & Nightlight
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How it works?

The Air Innovations® Ionic Air Cleaner produces static electricity (negative ions) that attach to airborne pollutants and allergens like dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen and more. These now negatively charged particles are attracted to the positively charged stainless steel collector blades (permanent filter) like a magnet helping to pull them out of the air. At the same time it generates very small amounts of ozone O3 ( 0.04 parts per million) which helps to neutralize odors. This action is very similar to the way nature uses thunderstorms to clean and deodorize the air outside.

How to operate

Simply plug the unit into an outlet and the unit is on. You will immediately smell the fresh, clean scent of the Air Innovations® Ionic Air Cleaner with Plug Bypass & Nightlight, similar to the smell just after a spring thunder storm. This unit also comes with an optional nightlight switch so that you can enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh air with or without the nightlight feature.

The Air Innovations® Ionic Air Cleaner with Plug Bypass & Nightlight will clean the air in any average size room. It allows you to have clean & fresh air in every room in your home at a very affordable price. For larger rooms we suggest using 2 units. Plug theThe Air Innovations® Ionic Air Cleaner in:

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Family Room

  • Office

  • Pantry

  • Living Rooms

  • Basement

Cleaning: Clean At Least Once A Week. This plug bypass is designed for low amperage appliances. Appliances not to exceed 5 Amps.Unplug the Air Innovations® Ionic Air Cleaner with Plug Bypass & Nightlight from electric socket. Pull out the stainless steel collector blade from the bottom of the freshener (see picture) and wipe with a soft clean cloth and/or an all purpose cleaner. A mild detergent may be used to clean the exterior. The stainless steel collector blades can also be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher.