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Model: Automobile Air Purifier with DC Adapter
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What it does?
The Automobile Air Purifier with DC Adapter helps remove harmful pollutants from the air, using negative ion technology and safe levels of ozone to naturally deodorize the air creating a cleaner, healthier environment. This powerful Tower Ionizer features a large collection blade along with a Turbo Fan to help move the air for superior filtration.

Turbo Fan Feature
As indicated above, this Ionizer comes with a Turbo Fan feature. This fan will increase the air flow circulation through the ionizer collection blade thus increasing the air cleaning effectiveness.

Lingering odors will slowly disappear - pet odors, cooking odors, smoke odors and other stale odors will slowly be neutralized so that in a day or so your room will smell outdoor fresh and the air will feel lighter and cleaner.

Wait approximately 2–3 weeks, remove collection blade and wipe down the with a clean white damp cloth. Depending on your air quality before you installed this product, the cloth should be slightly dirty to filthy dirty. NOTE: The collection blade is made of stainless steel and may be similar in color to dust particles and other airborne pollutants and allergens. Hence, wiping the blade down with a clean damp white cloth and inspecting the cloth may be the only way you can tell it is dirty.