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Air Innovations

Air Innovations markets a complete line of humidifiers, fans and aromatherapy diffusers for your home and office. Our products deliver clean, pure and healthy moisture that helps rehydrate your skin and soothe nasal passages. Purchase your ultrasonic humidifier, clean air purifier, swirl cool fan or aromatherapy diffuser with confidence when you buy direct from Air Innovations or one of our retail partners.

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Pursfection helps you get and stay organized so you can take control of your life. Organize the contents of your purse, tote bag, backpack or duffel bag with our Portable Purse Organizers, Expandable Totes and On-the-Go Accessory Organizers. We help make organization simple, fun and versatile – the possibilities are endless.

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Proudly Made in the USA, Rejuvenate has grown from a single floor care product to a complete line of cleaning products to make every surface at home; from bathroom floors to kitchen cabinets, shine like new. Since its introduction to the market, our All Floors Restorer has consistently outperformed the competition, establishing Rejuvenate as a leader in the floor care and home restoration areas.

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Rejuvenate Fabric Renewer

Congratulations on your purchase of the Rejuvenate® Fabric Renewer Pill & Fuzz Shaver—the easiest way to remove fuzz balls, pills, lint, and pet hair. The triple action blades remove tough pills with ease! Please read all instructions and warnings in this manual prior to using your Fabric Shaver.

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Water In Motion Decorative Garden Sprinkler

Set your lawn apart with this beautiful, spinning masterpiece. Water sprays out the top of the sprinkler head, evenly watering your garden beds while acting as a captivating piece of kinetic art.

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3D Spiral Spinner

Hang this whimsical wind spinner in the garden and watch its multi-colored surfaces reflect the light as they spin in the breeze.

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